Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Your registration form asks for Primary and Secondary DNS, I have no idea what this is.

Your Primary and Secondary DNS depends on the hosting company where you host your web site.
If you don't have a web site yet or just want to register a domain name, use this DNS info:
Secondary DNS: NS2.GKG.NET
If you're are going to host your web site with us you must use this DNS info:
Visit to see our hosting packages.
On average, our Saving Package ($15/month) meets the requirements for 98% of web sites.

Q: I registered my domain name using NS.GKG.NET and NS2.GKG.NET for DNS. Now I want to host my web site. My hosting company provided me with DNS information. Can I change the DNS info for my domain name now? Are there any charges for this?

You can change DNS info at any time, free of charge. Go to "MANAGE DOMAIN", log in, find "DNS Information" area at the bottom and click "CHANGE".

Q: Once a domain name is purchased, what is your policy on changing the names of the registrant or other information on the domain name account.

You can change any info at any time at no charge. Go to "MANAGE DOMAIN", and use appropriate "CHANGE" links to change the information you want. Also you can change your username contact information (contact) at "MANAGE CONTACT".

Q: Why does your form ask for primary/secondary DNS numbers when we just want to register the name? You are assuming the registrant already has a hosting company selected. If I haven't decided on one yet, and just want to register the name only, how can I do this?

The Shared Registration System requires that you specify primary and secondary DNS. Please use NS.GKG.NET and NS2.GKG.NET as the default. You will be able to change it at any time.

Q: I looked to see if you are asking for my info on a secure page, but it did not look like it.

All major pages (including credit card submission page) are under a secure connection, but because pages are in a frame you cannot see a secure lock in your browser. To verify the connection is secure, right click your mouse in the right frame, choose "Properties" and then "Certificates". Please note that FAQ page (this page) is not under secure connection.

Q: I would like to sign up for your service and pay by money order for my domain name. Do you accept payments this way?

For domain name registrations, we accept payments by credit cards only. For programming and web hosting services, we accept money orders, cheques and credit cards.

Q: I bought a domain name through your service. How long does it take for the forwarding to take place?

All around the world, DNS updates usually take up to 48 hours. Please do not forget that your web hosting provider has to set up their DNS servers for your domain name. Please note, this is not URL forwarding, this is DNS update.

Q: Can I register a domain name if I am not ready to sign up for hosting yet?

Yes, you can.

Q: How long does it take before I can log in to manage my account?

You can manage your account right away after you have registered a domain name.